Flower Bud One Stroke Nail

Flower bud one stroke nail, Easy for short nails. Products Used in this Video: One movement acrylic paint Slant brush Line brush Top coat Follow Luz King on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and her web-sites: https://luzkingnailartist.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Luzkingnaila… https://www.instagram.com/luzkingnail…

One Stroke Salon Nails

In this course you are going to learn the wonderful nail art techniques of one stroke. Demonstrations of the technique on one stroke painting/blending techniques Demonstration on Nail Tips of how to bring the stroke together & create flowers, butterfly etc. Tips and tricks of the technique of one stroke painting/blending and advice of the […]

The Rising Nail Art Trend

  Life is a continuous journey of learning and evolving. If you have a passion for the nail profession, it is necessary to keep growing with it by adding new skills and keeping abreast with the latest developments. Each field and every art form is continuously evolving. Every day a newer trick in the hat […]

One Stroke Nail Art Level 1 .

This course is ideal for beginners or those needing a little extra help with this technique. On the course you will be able to learn: Introduction to One Stroke nail art Level 1 Tools & Equipment Basic colour blending & nail art techniques Demonstrations Creating roses and design composition Student practicals on Nail Tips Brillbird Top […]

Aquarelle Nail Art Level 1

Add aquarelle nail art painting to your list of services, which opens up all kinds of possibilities for you to increase revenue within the salon and add to your existing skills. On this course I will show you: • Colour blending • Flowers • Leaves • Butterflies • Swirls • Lines • Roses Deposit is […]